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Wheel Dog Trucking offers services in the Wasilla, Palmer and Mat-Su areas and can handle all your hauling needs. We specialize in working with homeowners and small contractors and can get the job done right on a budget that won’t break the bank. We specialize in being familiar with all the various gravel pits in the Mat Su Borough so we can find you the best materials at the best price close to your job site.

Our dump trucks can haul a variety of types of materials to and from your project site.

Pricing /Estimating

Please note prices may be in cubic yards or tons. We can haul 10 yards or 15 tons of most gravel products. The exception is topsoil. It is much lighter than gravel and we can haul 14 yards.

Gravel prices are estimates and can change at any time without notice. 

Depending on the pit, gravel is sold by the ton or cubic yard. To convert the price of tons to yards multiply the ton cost by 1.5. For example, if a product cost $10.00 per ton that would convert to $15.00 per yard.

Gravel, Fill & Rock Types


Topsoil grades range quite a bit. They go from just plain dirt run through a screening plant to different blends that can have sand, peat or compost blended in with the regular dirt. For a lawn, just regular top soil is fine. For raised beds you should have sand mixed with it for drainage. For vegetable gardens soil with compost works well. Topsoil can vary in price from $12.50 to $75.00 per yd.

A 14 yd load will do 1,000 sq ft. If you put it down 6” and roll it to 4”.

The best place to learn about lawns and gardening is through the University of Alaska Cooperative Extension.

topsoil example by Wheel Dog Trucking

Fill Dirt

Dirt, or overburden as it comes out of the ground. It will have some rocks and sticks in it. It’s basically unscreened top soil. Used for filling areas you don’t plan to build on. It can vary as the the amount of sticks/rocks it has depending on where you get it. It can range in price from free to $6.00 a yd.

Pit Run:
Gravel as it comes naturally out of the ground. Size wise it goes from sand to large rocks (10” to12”). Use it to fill holes or lifts 1 foot or larger. You gan buy it NFS (non frost suceptidle) for building on or with binder (dirt) so it sets up for driveway projects. It ranges in price from $4.50 to $9.00 per yard.

Pit Run Sand:
Sand as it comes out of the ground. There will be some rocks in it , but it is mostly sand. Ranges from $4.00 to $8.00 per yard.

3” Minus is pitrun ran through a screening plant and everything bigger than 3” is removed. It is used in fill jobs where the rocks in pitrun are too big.

3" Minus by Wheel Dog Trucking
3″ Minus

There is also ¾” minus. 1” minus, 1 ½” minus. They are screened the same way as 3” minus as the larger rocks are taken out. Some come with binder (dirt mixed in) so it will “set up” and is mostly used as driveway topping. You can also get it NFS ((non frost suceptidle) for under cement slabs or using it to make cement. These usually run between $8.00 and $12.00 per yd.

There is a 1” minus crushed. That is where pit run goes through a crusher. Anything bigger than 1” is crushed. It sets up the best and last the longest as driveway topping due to the high rock content and binder. It is brown in color. It runs from $8.00 per Ton to $11.50 per ton.

D-1 is a crushed product similar to 1” minus only it doesn’t have any binder in it and has more of a grey coloring to it. It is used as a base coat for asphalt.

D-1 Crushed by Wheel Dog Trucking
D-1 Crushed

RAP (Recycled Asphalt) –  They take used asphalt and grind it up. It can make a nice driveway if done right. It’s around $13.00 per ton.

RAP (recycled asphalt) by Wheel Dog Trucking
RAP (recycled asphalt)

Pure rocks:
Pea Gravel is the smallest of the pure rocks. It is about the size of BB’s. It is used in playgrounds, dog kennels and as a bedding for fiberglass septic tanks.

Pea gravel by Wheel Dog Trucking
Pea gravel

3/4” to 3/8“ Round Rock is used in landscaping for decorative purposes. Some people ask about using it in driveways……it doesn’t work well as it tends to roll away and leave bare spots. The cost is between $10.00 yd to $21.00 yd.

3/4” to 3/8“ Round rock by Wheel Dog Trucking
3/4” to 3/8“ Round rock

Sewer Rock comes in 2 sizes ¾ “ to 1 ½ “ and 1 ½ “ to 3”. Who ever engineers you septic system will tell you what size to use. 1 ½ “ is also used in decorative landscaping. It cost between $7.75 to $20.00 a yard depending on the pit and size you need. ¾ “ to 1 ½ “ rock can be bought screened or washed.

sewer rock by Wheel Dog Trucking
Sewer Rock

Bone rock by Wheel Dog Trucking
Bone Rock

Bone Rock or Oversize Rock is pure rock and ranges from 3” to 10” depending on the pit. It is used in Gabion Baskets, decorative landscaping and sometimes in french drains.

b chips by Wheel Dog Trucking
B Chips

B Chips is crushed rock that varies in size fro ¾ “ to 5/8”. It is used in driveways and used to fill landscaping blocks. It makes for a great looking driveway, BUT you must be careful plowing your drive in the winter or you will be raking the rocks out of your lawn in the spring. It Ranges from $18.25 to $22.00 per ton.

B-2 is similar to B Chips but has some round rock mixed in it. It is a by-product of an operation and is much cheaper than b-chips. It is only available in 1 Palmer pit. $10.50 ton.

B-2 rock chips by Wheel Dog Trucking
B-2 rock chips

Gravel Pits in the Mat-Su

Gravel Pits in the Mat-Su by Wheel Dog Trucking

Have Gravel – Will Travel!

At Wheel Dog Trucking based in Wasilla, Alaska, we specialize in being familiar with and having business relationships with all the best gravel pits in the Matanuska Valley.

What does this mean to you the consumer?  This means that if you have a variety of different type of fill required for your landscaping, driveway or business, we can take the hassle out of shopping multiple pits and quote you one price delivered.  What is your time worth?  Probably more than calling a bunch of gravel pit vendors and driving to multiple locations.  

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